Ryan Milner

Penetration tester and developer

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Hello, I'm Ryan Milner and I'm a developer and penetration tester from the UK. I do a lot of freelance work inbetween my studies at University. I have great experience in a variety of programming languages, these being: C#, PHP, JavaScript, LUA, C, Java, SQL and many more.

I'm currently working through my Networking and Cyber Security degree at Northumbria University, on top of this I'm on my way to getting my CCNA award.



What I do

Penetration testing

I have experience working with and for various organisations.


Large or small, I'm able to cater to your needs.

Full stack development

From front-end all the way through to the back-end.

Software development

API parser, organiser, stock control and anything inbetween.


Recent Projects

Garry's Mod: Capture point system

A basic capture point and spawn system developed for GameSerbs.

This Website

My personal site was built in Laravel and is constantly being worked on in the background.

YouTube Downloader

A simple Node.js application that allows you to convert YouTube videos to MP3.

CVGS Discord bot

This is a simple Discord bot created for Northumbria Computer and Video Games Society.