Ryan Milner

Penetration tester and developer

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Hello, I'm Ryan Milner and I'm a developer and penetration tester from the UK. I do a lot of freelance work inbetween my studies at University. I have great experience in a variety of programming languages, these being: C#, PHP, JavaScript, LUA, C, Java, SQL and many more.

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What I do

Penetration testing

I have experience working with and for various organisations.


Large or small, I'm able to cater to your needs.

Full stack development

From front-end all the way through to the back-end.

Software development

API parser, organiser, stock control and anything inbetween.


Recent Projects


Enable clients from Minecraft Bedrock Edition to join your Minecraft Java server.

The Broken Arms

A Unity game built for GGJ 2020.

Data Collection and Management System

A simple data collection and management system for housing data

Caravan Carnage Club

A Unity game built for GGJ 2019.